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Do you want to accept Bitcoin or any other crypto currency payments on your ecommerce site or web site that is currently receiving payments using traditional methods like card and Paypal without having to pay commissions to any third party providers ?

Then you have come to the right place as Accept Bitcoin Payment can help you to take Bitcoin or any other Crypto Currency payment without having to pay any commission – how do we do this ? by providing you with the following service:

  • Set you up with your own simple API hosted on a SSL server - Application programming interface – So your team can get up to date real time crypto currencies prices – based on the latest coinmarketcap prices and use this API dedicated just for your web site to convert any final payments on your web site to Crypto. To view an example of our API CLICK HERE
  • Get amounts converted to Crypto instantly and easily – at your checkout so all you need to do is provide the customer with your own wallet address – we don’t get involved in wallets or receiving the payments – you deal directly with your customer when it comes to payment.
  • API plus integration support – If you need just our API you can purchase just the API hosted for a monthly fee and if you need support for integration we can provide support to your team for integration at an additional fee, so you can choose the level of service you require.
  • Our API has instant up to date prices by the second of the latest crypto currencies and you can even specify any particular crypto currency and if we don’t have it we will install it on your API.
  • The API is not restricted to being used with one currency – you can accept multiple crypto currencies on your web site – as long you have a wallet address to receive the payments you can take the payment.
  • Simple monthly fee model to get your own dedicated API that is secure for just your web site – it is hosted remotely and all you pay is a monthly fixed cost so it does not compromise any of the security on your web site – all your web site does at the time of payment is it talks to the API to covert the final payment amount into the crypto currency that you have specified.
  • Cancel anytime – we don’t have a minimum term period – all you pay is a one off set-up fee and a monthly fee for your hosted API that keeps track of all the crypto prices second by second and dedicated only to your web site hosted on a server with SSL. You can choose to cancel at anytime if it is not for you as we believe in fair and reputable business practices.

To view an example of our API in action – CLICK HERE

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